What is a Komodo Score?


Komodo Wi-Fi SSID Grade Score is a letter grade attributed to an SSID that a Komodo Eye Device is testing.  It uses use the educational standard grade letter of 'A' (best) through 'F' (worst).  Grades use the same underlying percentile equivalent (e.g. 90% or better is an 'A' grade).  

Key Points

A few key points regarding the Komodo Wi-Fi SSID Grade Score.

  • a high score represents a user having a good experience (as simulated by a Komodo Eye Device).
  • a poor score suggests that a user, or possibly all users, are having a bad Wi-Fi experience.  It also suggest that the Wi-Fi Network needs to be optimized for better performance.
  • the number of users and devices on the network affect the user experience through Congestion Control and Data Flow Control mechanisms and in turn affect the Komodo Wi-Fi SSID Grade Score.

Technical Details

The SSID Grade Score is a cumulative score calculated from specific 24 hour average metrics gathered and recorded by Komodo Tests for the SSID being tested.  The SSID Grade Score is broken down into three SSID Grade Sub-Scores.  

The three SSID Grade Sub-Scores are as follows.

  1. Performance
  2. Uptime
  3. Noise

Each Sub-Score is derived from specific 24 hour average metrics that are gathered and recorded by Komodo Tests.  The corresponding test metrics are as follows.

  1. Performance = Speed divided by Latency
  2. Uptime = percentage of successful test results
  3. Noise = Wi-Fi channel saturation multiplied by Wi-Fi Noise Floor

Here is an example of a Komodo Wi-Fi SSID Graded Score displayed on a card in the Komodo Dashboard.

Performance Sub-Score

The Performance Sub-Score is the remaining available bandwidth to all users.  It uses the Komodo Speed Test and Komodo Latency Test to calculate the available bandwidth on the network being tested.  Here is an example of how the Performance grade is calculated.

Uptime Sub-Score

The Uptime Sub-Score is a percentage of successful tests.  It uses all the Komodo Speed Test results for the last 24 hours and calculates a percentage of successful test results.  Each Komodo Test is composed of multiple sub-tests.  If a sub-test fails, then the test is considered a failed test and it counts against the Uptime Sub-Score.

Noise Sub-Score

The Noise Sub-Score is a number that is calculated from the number of Access Points broadcasting an SSID on the same channel as this particular SSID.  This represents the channel saturation of the Wi-Fi network that is being tested.  In addition to the channel saturation number, the Wi-Fi noise floor as detected by the Komodo Test, is added to the channel saturation number.  These two numbers multiplied together represent the Noise Sub-Score.


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