How do I install and configure a Komodo Eye Device?

The Komodo Dashboard and the Komodo Mobile Application can be used to install and configure a Komodo Eye Device.  

Click here to stream a short YouTube video for an overview of what the Eye needs to begin testing

Click here to watch a short walk through of the Eye setup in the Komodo Dashboard

Or, click here to download and watch a short MP4 video.

A Komodo Eye Device has three configuration requirements in order to execute a Komodo Test.  

1. A physical location for the Komodo Eye Device: a building name, floor name and room name.

2. SSID credentials: SSID name, SSID encryption type and SSID password.  A list of available SSID and the SSID encryption type can be automatically detected.  Below is an example of the SSID registration page on the dashboard.

3. An access point to test that is broadcasting the SSID in #2 above.  Each Komodo Eye Device can have up to three separate WiFi tests and can target one access point with each test.  For each SSID and access point being tested, it is best to choose the closest (by signal strength) to get useful test results.  Below is an example of an access point registration page on the dashboard.  Once you have an SSID registered, you can register access points that broadcast that SSID.


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