Wi-Fi Failed to Associate

In order for a client (e.g. mobile phone) to make a new connection to an existing Wi-Fi Network, the Wireless Access Point ("WAP") must make a valid association with your client device to a Wi-Fi Network SSID that is broadcast from that WAP.

If the association to an SSID fails then a network connection cannot be established.  Listed below are the most common reasons that a client fails to associate to a WAP.

  1. Bad password (e.g. you typed in the wrong password)
  2. Bad encryption type (e.g. you selected the wrong encryption type)
  3. Wi-Fi SSID not broadcasting

The Komodo Association Test is the first Komodo Test that is executed during a test run and is designed to confirm that the expected SSID is being broadcast by the WAP and that a client device can make a valid association to that SSID.

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