Wi-Fi SSID Not Broadcasting

In order for a client (e.g. mobile phone) to make a new connection to an existing Wi-Fi Network, the Wireless Access Point ("WAP") must broadcast a Wi-Fi Network SSID ("SSID").

If the SSID is not being broadcast then the WAP is not functioning correctly and a network connection cannot be established.  Listed below are the most common reasons that a WAP is not broadcasting the expected SSID.

  1. WAP does not have electrical power (e.g. power outage)
  2. WAP has been reconfigured (e.g. the SSID name has been changed)
  3. WAP antenna is malfunctioning (e.g. is broken, missing, or has been pointed the wrong direction)

The Komodo Association Test is the first Komodo Test that is executed during a test run and is designed to confirm that the expected SSID is being broadcast by the WAP and that a client device can make a valid association to that SSID.


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