What does it mean when a room is "down"?

A room is "down" when a Komodo Eye Device in that room reports a test result failure in its most recent test run.  Typically this failure occurred in the last five to ten minutes.

Depending on the nature of the test failure and how many total networks are available in that room, there may still be a way for end users to access the Internet or other network resources.  A test failure indicates that at least one user was not able to access network resources and is having a bad user experience.  This often results in an IT support call and incident report.

By using the Komodo Dashboard the IT staff can review the specific test failure and observe the duration and frequency of that failure and other failures that are affecting the user experience in that room.  There are daily and weekly reports that help provide trend analysis for user experience on network resources.  This may also aid IT decision makers in a long term solution to network issues and poor user experience.

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